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    Photo of CPC with small boy in police costume

    The Celebration Day was a great opportunity for recruitment, though demands for automatic weapons had to be denied.

    She knows it's sweet, but does it know that it's only there to demonstrate food standards?
    Photo of girl holding chick Photo of boys holding balsam

    Lacey Green school childrens with pickings from the 2011 Balsam Bash that seem to include a medallion.

    Photo of volunteers fishing a trolley out of the river

    It is not a body under there, but a trolley. The children are helping as they always do: so that it's fun.

    Photo of man digging while schoolboys watch

    Youthful enthusiasm. With the youths watching to see how it's done.

    FOTC members know how to have fun.
    Photo of two ladies with stalks of balsam